Takacat, The Ultimate Portable Inflatable Boat

An innovative range of quality inflatable catamaran boats designed and developed in New Zealand by Greg Sowden. Whether you love fishing, exploring or simply looking for a quality portable tender for your yacht or motorhome.

A foldable Takacat boat is a tough, stable, and fun option on any water. Top features of a Takacat boat are stability, versatility, and being lightweight. The inflatable tenders can be rolled up into a carry bag with Takacat innovative fully removable tube transom® system for easy transportation and storage. Check out the full range and feel free to contact us to help you pick the best boat for your recreational style!

Available Takacat Boats:

  • Takacat 260 LX
  • Takacat 300 LX
  • Takacat 340 LX
  • Takacat 380 LX
  • Takacat 420 LX

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Takacat 260 LX

  • Overall Length: 2.6 m
  • Outboard Range: 2hp to 8hp
  • Weight: 65 lb.
  • Catamaran Hull Design

Takacat 420 LX

powerful safety boat:
  • Overall Length: 4.2 m
  • Outboard Range: 6hp to 20hp
  • Weight: 125 lb.